Argante Literary Services

Rates & Services

At all times your voice is what matters most. Editorial suggestions are simply that – suggestions. We can work changes out together. So what can I do for you?

I can help you plan and prepare your writing project.
I can assist with research and notemaking.
I can help you create a synopsis, to work out a structure for your book.
I can offer you a read-through and detailed review of your manuscript.
I can do either (a) basic editing – mainly grammar, spelling and punctuation (GSP.)
I can do c
lose editing – a line-by-line analysis and editorial commentary.
I can bring your work 
up to a publishable standard. *
I can write your book for you – be your ghost.
I can prepare a print ready copy (PDF) for your printer or publisher.
I can check your bibliography (reading list) using APA citations.
I can index your book.
I can work with you on an effective cover letter when you submit to a publisher.
I can recommend a professional service for manuscript preparation or transcription.
I can suggest which publishers to submit to in New Zealand or overseas.

Whether you want to offer your project to a mainstream publisher or publish it yourself, I can be the processor – you remain the source.

Manuscript Mentoring - mainly through the New Zealand Society of Authors.Self-publishing – I recommend the following:

Publish Me, a New-Zealand based company, who also offer promotion & marketing.
Lulu, which is an American enterprise, with an extremely helpful tutorial.
Two helpful Writers’ Guides from the New Zealand Society of Authors to order online: Self-Publishing and Marketing Your Book.

 * Please note that this cannot be a guarantee of publication.